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Our Classes

Have you ever looked at your crying baby and thought “I wish you could tell me what was wrong!”? Well, with the help of Little Sign Stars you can teach them to tell you just that. Signing is an extremely beneficial tool for you and your child, one that allows them to be heard and their needs met in a respectful and relaxed way.

Little Sign Stars is an enjoyable, engaging and educational musical sensory class which incorporates the use of Makaton signing. Classes explore a new theme every week, including the weather, bathtime, at the farm, and with ever-changing props. Classes will help you and your little one to learn many signs which will promote early speech and broaden their level of communication.

Class is split up into different sections, including puppets, props, sensory time, instruments, story time and more. Spending no more than 5 minutes on each section, this fast-paced class will mesmerize your child, never giving them time to lose interest. This results in a happy, content little person and parents/carers who are relaxed enough to learn the signs.

At the end of the 30 minute class, there is social time for the parents/carers while your little ones play with a range of toys provided. This is a great time to meet like-minded people and also ask any questions to the teacher.

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